Krisar Silk Creations

Enormous Collections, Awesome designs, mind-blowing patterns, Krisar Silk Creations, a perfect store for your perfect Wedding Sarees Collection.
If you are seeking to make your celebration absolutely unique and luxurious, no matter what your budget is, Krisar is there to fulfill your expectations with 100% satisfaction.
We spin six yard Silk Sarees for all Indian Social and Cultural occasions.
Krisar Silk Creations reflects quality, trust and happiness in every single Saree you choose for your special occasions.

About Us

With the solid foundation of over 40 years in weaving traditional and high quality Silk Sarees, Krisar Silk Creations was established by Shri K.V. Krishnamoorthy With his dedication and efforts, the continued success and growth of Krisar Silk Creations is now transferred to the next generations, Mr. K. K. Rajan and Mr. K. K. Arunn with the same responsibility and trust. We continue to maintain the best and reasonable price for the quality Silk Sarees.
Our production ranges from Arani to Kancheevaram with uncompromised quality, pure zari silks and all types of fabrics, unique and new designs and breathtaking combination of colors. We are the recognized manufacturer of Silk Sarees supplying massive collections to the top and leading sellers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other states across India.
Our quality and reasonable price states our reliability and the growth of huge network of clients and customers at global level.

Our Vision:

• To make Krisar as your only choice for all your special occasions and functions right from child birth, puberty to wedding celebrations.

Our Mission:

• To weave Sarees with trendy designs, catchy color combinations and attractive fabric choice suit the current and next generation’s interests and desires

Our Strength:

• Vibrant designing team with excellent talent and creative ideas
• Our designers are professionals and degree holders with formal training
• New combinations of styles, designs, colors to match current and next generation trends

Our Specialty:

• Experience the classy feel and fantastic appeal with the bright zari.
• Fabrics used are absolutely soft, easy to roll and keep it in your handbag.
• Less weight Wedding Silk Sarees, Antique Silk Sarees, Traditional Silk Sarees and more.
• Silk Sarees for various occasions right from festivals, house warming, wedding and more.

Here are a few more highlights of our silk saree collections:

• Blouse with completely contrast color combinations, which are not only attractive, but will make you look gorgeous too
• Pure silk sarees have up to 60% revalue and thus make your investment worth
• Workmanship and blend of modern and traditional touch will attract young girls
• We give certificate for all our genuine products we sell

Range of Products:

Krisar Silk Creations never limits our pure zari silk saree collections only for wedding, but also extends to all categories including:
• Exclusive wedding Silk Sarees
• Traditional Silk Sarees
• Soft Silk Sarees
• Trendy Silk Sarees
• Gift range Silk Sarees